教育大同論壇2015: 我要真假期

Sat, 27 Jun 2015 09:30 - Sun, 28 Jun 2015 18:00

Day 1 - 中文大學鄭裕彤樓. Day 2 - 香港兆基創意書院


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減少功課, 學得更多!

(English to follow Chinese.)


繼去年十月的「教育有選擇」論壇, 我們為大家呈現了傳統教育以外多個不同可能後, 教育大同的一班家長再度籌備另一論壇: 「我要真假期」: 究竟在今天競爭激烈、起跑線越推越前的主流教育內又有那些可能?

不想催谷孩子, 可以如何選擇? 在海外已有人看到催谷的弊端並作出改變:菲律賓教育部禁止小學於週末發功課;加拿大奎北克省有小學亦實驗停發功課一年,連北京也連下多道減負令,減功課與考試。

重新思考真假期: 將時間重新配置, 於孩子學習、家庭關係更有意義!

「教育大同」第二次論壇: 「我要真假期!」 將呈現沒有功課的假期,孩子如何可學得更好更多;家庭有時間共樂,為何能為孩子、家庭及整個社會增值, 亦會探討功課與評核的實際效能, 看減少學術操練,讓腦袋放假在教育中的重要角色。

大家都不想做怪獸, 我們肯去反思, 敢作選擇,教育就可改變, 讓孩子的學習、讓家庭生活更加海闊天空!

去年十月「教育有選擇」論壇大部份精彩講座已上載「教育大同」網站讓大家隨時重溫! 點擊


早購優惠: 即日至5 月31 日

6.28・香港兆基創意書院:了解創意教育+體驗多個教育選擇 (適合親子)


主辦: 教育大同 協辦: 中文大學亞太研究所綠腳丫親子讀書會香港兆基創意書院籽識教育顧問有限公司


EDiversity Education Conference 2015

We Need a Break!

Less Homework, More Learning!

6.27・CUHK Cheng Yu Tung Building
6.28・HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity

Dear friends of EDiversity

Last October, our dedicated team of parents brought you many alternatives to mainstream education at our “We Need Choices” conference. Now, we are preparing our next topic “We Need a Break!” - what are some of the choices we have within the highly competitive mainstream education system?

Don’t want to put too much pressure on your children? But what are your options? Decades of research has consistently shown the ill effect of stress and homework on learning. In the Philippines, the ministry of education prohibited primary schools from issuing homework on weekends; in Quebec, Canada, some primary schools have experimented with zero homework policy for a whole year; even in Beijing, there has been policies to decrease the amount of homework and tests. But what about Hong Kong?

Rethinking “Real” Holidays: Quality time with your children, spent on quality activities!

EDiversity’s second conference, “We Need a Break”, raises an important question for Hong Kong parents: “What if our children can get their weekends and holidays back without any homework?” We’ve invited experts from across Hong Kong and Taiwan to discuss how quality family time can not only improve children’s learning, but also the whole family and entire society! We’ll also look into the effectiveness of homework and standardized assessments in real world learning, and put the spotlight on the importance of minimizing rote learning and drilling and giving time for our children’s brains to rest.

Nobody wants to be a “monster parent” if we have the choice. If we can all do some critical thinking, and dare to make the right choices, then together, we can change the world for our children! For us and our families!

Missed any of the talks during our “We Need Choices” last October? Head over to our website: to review the videos now.

Tickets for ”We Need a Break” now on sale at our website:

Early bird discount last till May 31st (or when tickets are sold out.)

6.27・Chinese University, Cheng Yu Tung Building: Conference
6.28・HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity: Understanding creative education and workshops suitable for entire family

Conference Program

Brought to you by: EDiversity
Co-organizers: HKIAPS, Little Green Feet, HKICC, La Violet Education

Intended audience: pre-school, primary and secondary school aged parents, teachers and principals.

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為了讓更多孩子能更健康愉快地學習和成長,一群家長在2014年凝聚而成「教育大同」。我們深感本地教育發展逐漸倒果為因,過度著重考試成績,智力以外,學生個別的身心發展需要卻備受冷待。為滿足父母和師長對學業的過高期望,孩子無奈地在家校壓力下成長,甚至影響了正常的家庭生活。 在探索世界各地不同的教與學理念中,我們深受啓發,因而盼望透過舉辦會議與各界分享。我們看到不同人士及機構也在默默地為建構一個健康...

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